Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, living in that chest is a big, big heart

Hello my lovely 22 followers, i really was happy when I had eight or something, but keep on coming, i love you all :) Today was actually quite good, I went to my friends net ball final, she won, so it was goood and then i went back to her house. When I got home I just cleaned my room and took photo's, the magnifine glass in the photo's has quite a funny story to it (right Alyse? :)) hahaha the photo's make me laugh, sorry you have probably realised I'm just a tad strange by now hahaha :) Oh and I forgot to tell you that I went to the Britney Speares concert on Wednesday night, it was so amazingly good, I'll put some photo's up at some stage. Anyway how's your weekend going?
Keep Smiling,
xoxo Kirra


mel said...

hey, your blog is gorgeous! and your photo's are amazing i adore them:)
xx mel

Sabila Anata said...

thanks for your nice comment :)
sure i will visit your blog oftenly

L.O.L.A said...

thankyou :)
xx Kirra