Sunday, October 11, 2009


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Lately I've been wanting some sort of change, maybe starting with my hair. I was thinking of dyeing it red-ish, I've been really envious of people with red hair lately. But I'm not sure, a lot of people tell me they'd kill to have naturally blond hair. Also red might look horrible on me. I'd only get a wash out anyway. Whats life with out risks? What do you think?
xx Kirra


rosiem15 said...

i think a dark red would look nice :)

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

go for it! We know Pandora in the second pic and she always looks AMAZING!!

We'll be back!
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Have a lovely lazy Sunday xx

Femke said...

i have red hair but i'd love to have blond hair, not that i am unhappy with my hair;)
i say go for it

Sher said...

Red hair is so gorgeous! I've always dream of having that dark auburn shade. You should go for it, you can always go back to blonde if it doesn't work out:)

L.O.L.A said...

thankyou for your opinions and support! :)
yes i think a dark aurburn colour would be nice haha