Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turn that frown, upside down :)

{photos by: Rockie Nolan}
Today I wasn't having the best day, everything just felt extra complicated and confusing. Sometimes when I'm feeling down, i have to surround myself with all things that make me happy, which today included these photo's. My friend Kat, who is similar to me in so many ways, knew exactly how to cheer me up. Thank you lovely, this post is for you :)
xx Kirra


becca. said...

love love love the photos.
really inspiring.
i hope you have a good weekend :)
and isn't it lovely to have friends which cheer you up on those bad days!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Elise said...

such fab photo's Kirra - and a great blog too ! thanks for posting

L.O.L.A said...

thankyou, i'm glad you like them :) xx

The Girl Who Loves Velvet said...

haha its okay baby- just rememeber what i told you and you'll be fine :)
And rememeber that there are always people that love you (hence the suicide watch etc aha)
I love you babe.
Love Kat

L.O.L.A said...

thanks Kat :)
lovee you xx