Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently I received this blog award from the lovely Bonnie Jezebel from ♥ Thankyou.

To accept this award, I must share 7 interesting things about me:

  • My nick name is Rhino: named by my best friend (Tigger)
  • I often sleep with my hand straight up in the air because it relaxes me.
  • I listen to a lot alternative, indie and acoustic music.
  • I am the most un co-ordinated person most people have ever met.
  • I could not sing or dance to save my life.
  • I have a twenty seven year old duck and a miniature pony.
  • I love it when people think I'm really weird :)

I have also nominated seven pretty blogs this award :)


pascale said...

awww rhino hehe you deserve it you have a lovely blog :) xxxx

L.O.L.A said...

thanks lovely :) xx