Thursday, February 25, 2010

define: dreamer

{found via:studdedhearts,weheartit,thetruenorthstyle.}


Beth Ruby said...

gorgeous photos.
thanks for reminding me that i NEED to watch/read the virgin suicides?
which one is better, the film or the book?

ctrl + ♥ said...

i love all these photos theyre amazing :)
how are youu. yeah i havent read/seen the virgin suicides. LOL i'm actually in a library now so I think i might look up the book :)
lol hope your well :)


L.O.L.A said...

thankyou lovelies ♥
yeah i love the movie, deffinately worth watching! I actually haven't read the book, i really need to :)

Irene said...

i don't know how i got here, anyway...on the last post you were thinkig about getting highlights on your hair, DEFINETELY YES.
i'm going to do it, i don't know yet if pink or blue ones, but as soon as i can i will.