Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who made the sun turn to stormy weather?

Today Alyse and I went to the City, we took photos in the park and went shopping on Chapel Street, we went into a vintage/antique store called Bazaar which sells anything you could possibly imagine. I had been looking just for a plain-ish black bag all day and I found this cute bag, that was actually a camera case, where i discovered there was also a vintage canon movie camera inside! All the bags that I had looked at all day had been approximately $70, but I liked this bag way more and It was $35 and I got the bonus camera :) So I was very happy and I had a good day. When I got home I took photo's of what I wore and my new findings. I only just found my camera adapter, then knowing me... I broke it! :( Hopefully I can fix it or get a new one, because I was very excited about this post.

Anyhow here is a photo taken at the beach last week.

xx take care, Kirra

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