Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spoilt for choice

I really do like Doc Martens, I have a pair and they look ridiculous as they are way too big. I had the worst day not long ago- my nanna sold her vintage sparkly purple ones at a market for only $20! I actually cried!! So lately I have been looking out for some new ones, but I have become quite confused. Do you know how many colours and varieties they come in? Floral, heart print, daisies, velvet, patent, sparkly, silver, original, pink, flag prints, animal prints, heeled, coloured, metallic, pastel, the list goes on and on! How am I ever going to choose? I don't even think they suit me at all. gahhh.. you see my dilemma!

I must say I really do love the cherry heeled boots!

And then there are the See by Chloe boots.. *sigh

What to choose, what to choose?
xx Keep smiling, Kirra


Pien said...

I don't like them that much, but the second pair is cute.


OhLove. said...

Ahh, See By Chloe lust.
I want them SO bad in white.